6 Absolutely Essential Things to Bring Camping


When you’re buried in expensive, complicated in outdoor camping gear, it’s very easy to forget the really essential items that you should be bringing on each and every trip.. Before your next excursion, put together a must-bring-bag with all eight of these essential pieces of camping equipment so you’re never without that thing you failed to remember to bring.


Medical First Aid Kit

Burns, scrapes, cuts or bumps– if you’re a regular camper or hiker, you know how frequently these happen. Make sure that you have a medical kit or first aid kit on every single trip – it could end up literally being a lifesaver. You can find first aid kits for reasonably cheap on Amazon. Don’t go camping or hiking without it – it’s absolutely essential.


Light, Flashlight or Headlamp

Ok. the first thing we want to say here is that you should not bring a generic light/lantern. Don’t bring anything unwieldy. You might think it’ll be fun to have a proper light in the tent (and it is) but in a bad situation (for example, someone gets lost) you’ll be kicking yourself for not bringing a traditional handheld flashlight.


Headlamps arealso not a great idea. We recommend flashlights over headlamps any day of the week. The issue with headlamps is that you can only illuminate the direction you’re facing. Flashlights offer more flexibility. For example – if you suspected there was a bear off in a certain direction, you wouldn’t want to look directly at it with a headlamp on. You’d look in that direction, but shine your flashlight off to the right or to the left to try not to startle it.


With flashlights, there’s a huge variety in terms of quality and price. Some people get really into the nitty gritty details of which flashlights are the brightest, which are the best value etc. Our advice is to just buy something that seems solid and reliable. If you need help picking a flashlight, check out this guide to the best flashlight. Long and Winding Trail is our favorite destination for outdoor gear reviews, so we’re giving them a shoutout here.



If you ain’t got fire, you’re severely limiting your dining options – also, it’s worth noting that in an emergency situation, being able to start a fire could be essential to survival. Matches are preferable to lighters because lighters can break or malfunction. We suggest you buy (or make your own) waterproof matches so that you’re well protected against rain.


Pocket Knife or Multitool

For your reference, a multitool is sometimes also known as a swiss army knife.

Knives are important. You can cut things with them. You can kill things with them (if neccesary). You can gut, skin, peel, pare, shave, whittle – the list goes on and on. If you’re going into the wild, you should always have some kind of knife – we recommend something small, so a pocket knife is absolutely appropriate.


If you need help choosing a pocket knife, we think longandwindingtrail.com has an absolutely great guide to the best pocket knife. quality really makes a huge difference when it comes to knives, so do pay attention to what you buy – the wrong knife might cost you $20 less but it might last you a year, whereas a really good knife can be a life-time purchase if you use and maintain it correctly.


If you’re looking for a multitool, Victorinox swiss army knives are never a bad idea. We personally prefer pocket knives – from what we’ve seen, multitools are jacks of all trades and masters of none – and half the things that are included are things that aren’t necessary in an outdoors context. If you think about how often you use the knife part of a multitool versus all the other stuff, you’ll probably come to realize that it’s mainly the knife that’s useful – all the other stuff that comes with a multitool rarely gets used.



Rope is endlessly useful in the wild. This is doubly true if you know your knots. You can hang clothes, build shelter – even rescue people – if you have rope with you. Always have rope. It’s super useful, super versatile, and super lightweight – there’s quite literally NO reason to not have rope with you (other than because you’re an idiot).



For those of you who aren’t familiar with what Tarp is, it’s basically the same material that your tents are made out of, except that it’s a big, loose sheet. Again, this is an almost endlessly useful piece of gear that can be used for a huge variety of things – use it as a picnic blanket, use it as a shelter, use it as a backdrop to  put on an awesome shadow puppet show against the campfire – endlessly versatile. It also doesn’t hurt that it takes up an absurdly small amount of space.

8 Reasons to Get your Butt Outdoors


People are attracted to nature. We feel better when we hang around natural environments and wide open spaces with lush greenery. Edward O. Wilson, the well known biologist, coined the term “biophilia” – the love of nature. It implies that an inherent bond already exists between human beings and other things that are alive – plants, animals and even microorganisms. Humans are naturally drawn to nature.


Comparable ideas are exist in other cultures – shinrin-yoku is the Japanese practice of immersing yourself in the woods (forest-showers). Friluftsliv is the Scandinavian term that describes the philosophy of living in the wild. There’s also scientific evidence to back up the idea that humans are inherently drawn to the nature – studies show that both physical and mental health improve when a person spends more time in the great outdoors.


  1. Most of us don’t get enough time in the outdoors.


Richard Louv coined the term “nature deficit disorder” to describe the physical and mental health repercussions of alienation from contact with nature.  Scientists are just beginning to understand the negative effects that living in confined spaces in our concrete cities can have on health.


  1. It’s good for the heart!


Japanese researchers have shown that spending time immersing yourself in woodlands – the aforementioned shinrin-yoku – can lower your blood pressure and pulse. It also has the effect of decreasing levels of hormones that are associated with anxiety.


  1. It’s a great way to lose weight!


In both children as well as grownups, access or exposure to nature has actually been revealed to bring down the probability of obesity. This is more than likely due to the increased exercise (even if its just walking) that comes with being outdoors. Also, research shows that time spent in nature can decrease blood sugar levels and cortisol (the stress hormone) which are both linked to body weight issues.


  1. You’ll be happier and smarter


Individuals that live near nature encounter less stress and anxiety. Being near nature has actually been revealed to boost your state of mind – to the degree that it can help improve short term memory! On top of that, living near or interacting with nature can help alleviate symptoms of depression and other forms of mental illness.


  1. You’ll combat viruses and bacteria a lot more successfully.


Exposure to nature enhances immune system functions in healthy individuals, and raises the production of the cells in your body that fight off disease. These cells are a a fundamental part of our protection from viruses as well as things like cancer.


  1. Your mind will  function a lot better.


Studies show that time spent in natural environments reduces symptoms of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and ADD in kids. , time invested in all-natural settings reduced ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) symptoms. For older folks, regular contact with nature can enhance productivity and increase your attention span.


  1. You’ll get even more from your exercise.


Being outside is good for your health and wellness, regardless of whether you exercise frequently or not. But if you do decide to work out in the great outdoors (e.g hiking or trail jogging or something), studies show that you’ll feel a higher sense of revitalization, energy, and satisfaction.


  1. Decrease your pain sensitivity


There is some research that shows that just seeing a photo or an image of a natural environment can decrease your sensitivity to pain.

How to Increase Lung Power for Cycling


Let’s be real. Huge lungs typically aren’t sexy. You don’t see commercials on TV with big-lunged people shuffling with an unique club, and also you do not normally brag about your lung dimension at celebrations. While more and more people are investing in top rated air purifiers to clean their indoor air, they ignore the value of improving their own system of processing that air.  Best rated air purifiers are the best way to ensure your home or home gym have the right quality of that you need.

If you have ever gotten out of breath climbing up an air travel of stairs, become distressed with your inability to run up a hill throughout a 5K or marathon, or found on your own constantly sucking oxygen on the treadmill or in the gym, after that you understand that lung power is an extremely important element of physical fitness. But the perks don’t stop there, because there’s a direct link in between a higher oxygen capacity, and also reduced risk of death!

What Is lung power?


Technically, your oxygen capacity is really specified as the optimum amount of oxygen you can utilize, as well as is likewise referred to as VO2 max. To maintain it comparable amongst different varieties of health and fitness, lung power is defined in milliliters of oxygen each kilogram of body weight each min– yet you may also find it listed at liters per min. The average male athlete has a VO2 max of 3.5 liters per minute and someplace close to 50 milliliters per kg each minute. Lance Armstrong, which occurs to be pretty good at cardiovascular workout, has an lung power in the high 80’s. You could measure your very own lung power by going to an exercise physiology lab as well as obtaining a VO2 max test, or by estimating with a field test. Examples of usual field tests include the Astrand 6 minute bicycle examination and also the Queens College step test. Don’t ask me where they obtain these names. One of my favorites is the one mile jog examination. Click here for the instructions for the one mile jog examination.

What Limits Your Oxygen Capacity?


It turns out that carrying out really tough workout for 3-5 minutes, separated by complete healing in between each tough initiative, is an ideal means to raise oxygen capability.
There are 2 manner ins which your oxygen capability could be limited. Your muscle mass tissue could not have the chemical capability to in fact make use of the oxygen that it is obtaining from your lungs as well as heart. As an example, if you have low degrees of mitochondria– small parts of your muscle tissue cells that enable your cells to turn oxygen into energy– this will certainly restrict your oxygen capability.

The 2nd manner in which oxygen capacity can be limited is because of a failure of your heart or lungs to actually carry the necessary amounts of oxygen to your muscle mass cells. As an example, your heart may not have the ability to pump sufficient blood with each beat– and also since blood includes oxygen, this restrictions oxygen capacity. Or your muscular tissues or lungs might not be able to full of as much oxygen as your muscular tissues require, which would certainly additionally restrict oxygen capacity.

How you can Enhance lung power

Now that you recognize exactly what restrictions oxygen capacity, it must seem quite sensible the best ways to increase lung power. You can either enhance the ability of your muscular tissues to use oxygen, enhance the capability of your heart and also lungs to provide oxygen, or do both!

Oxygen capability will normally decline with age (at the price of regarding 1 % each year after the age of 25), with proper training, you could raise your oxygen capability by 10-20 %!

Considering that it’s so critical for athletes to have a high lung power, there’s been a great deal of research study done on exactly how to enhance oxygen capacity as swiftly as feasible. It turns out that doing really tough workout for 3-5 minutes, divided by full healing between each difficult effort, is an ideal method to boost lung power. Ideally, if you’re serious about boosting your lung power, you ought to do these extremely difficult exercises three or many more times in a single exercise, as well as aim to do at the very least two of these kind of exercises per week. Naturally, this type of exercise ought to seem extremely just like something I have actually explained about before: interval training!

A Workout to Enhance lung Capacity


Just how would certainly this kind of oxygen-capacity-improving workout actually be structured? Right here’s an example bike workout to raise oxygen capacity:

Workout 5-10 mins by pedaling easy.

Prepare the physical body for the lung power efforts by doing 5 tough 30 2nd efforts, each separated by 60 seconds of recuperation.

Currently, on to the excellent stuff! Execute 3 to 5 initiatives of three to five minutes of very difficult pedaling, with 3 to 5 minute of very easy pedaling after each initiative. Each of the difficult pedaling efforts need to be at your maximum sustainable pace.

Cool-down till you’re breathing easy.

With simply a couple of weeks of this workout, executed twice a week, you might in fact locate yourself bragging to your good friends about your huge lungs, obtaining stopped on the road by total strangers that would like to know your lung power tricks, or filling out the registration form for the Trip de France. OK … maybe not! However at the very least you’ll have the confidence that any cardio initiative will unexpectedly come to be easier, and also you’ll shed a lot more calories and have a lot more power.

To maintain it similar among various varieties of fitness, oxygen capability is defined in milliliters of oxygen per kilogram of body weight per minute– but you could additionally discover it listed at liters each min. The 2nd means that oxygen capacity can be limited is due to a failure of your heart or lungs to really carry the necessary amounts of oxygen to your muscle cells. Or your muscular tissues or lungs might not be able to fill up with as much oxygen as your muscular tissues require, which would certainly likewise limit oxygen capacity.

lung power will normally decrease with age (at the rate of concerning 1 % per year after the age of 25), with proper training, you could boost your oxygen capacity by 10-20 %!

Considering that it’s so crucial for athletes to have a high lung power, there’s been a whole lot of research study done on how to raise lung power as promptly as possible.