For those who do not like the idea of riding a bike outside the house, spinning is a form of exercise that helps in losing those kilos at home. And no, spinning is not just riding on a bike, it’s a complete body workout where everything from your hips to thighs and abs are taken care of.

Today, spinning bikes are made in a format that they cover all aspects of the body. There are different programs that take care of individual body parts and help you in maintaining the shape of your body. A complete cardio workout is what spinning gives you by simply pedaling on the saddle.

Spinning as a term is registered by Mad Dogg Athletics therefore some people might have the confusion that only Mad Dogg Bikes are Spin Cycles. But Indoor Cycling Bikes and Spin Bikes are synonymous as they both refer to a stationary bike that comes with a weighted flywheel. So when I use these two terms in the article below just remember both mean the same.

Spin Bike vs Stationary Bike

  • Gears: Spin bikes usually come with a flywheel which is mechanically attached to the pedals. That is to say, they work like fixed gear ones. The inertia of the flywheel keeps them going. If you stop pushing the pedals, they stop. This is not the case in regular stationary bikes which keep spinning freely even when you stop pedaling.
  • Shape and style: When it comes to a spin bike, the shape is more like a real bike and it’s designed to give you a practical feel of the road and your posture is also placed like that. Indoor bikes on the other hand are not really as good looking and stylish. They are simple bikes which are meant for occasional use if you want to keep yourself fit.
  • Resistance: Stationary bikes usually come with a knob that needs to be adjusted when you want to change the levels of resistance, on the other hand the spin bikes usually come with a lever which helps in setting the resistance right.

Best Spinning Bike (Above $1500 Range)

Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle (No.1 Recommendation)

Keiser M3 Indoor CycleOne of the sleekest bikes out there this one is. Not only does it come with sexy features, it is one of the few bikes with magnetic resistance. It is difficult to get this feature in indoor cycles below $1000 cost, hence the price of this bike is a little high than other models.

You can adjust the resistance by a precise gear-lever placed just close to the side base of the handlebar. The bike is not dependent on friction by pads and the magnetic aspect works really well. And the advantages are many.

Pros of Keiser M3 Bike

  • The bike offers a smooth ride. So even if you are riding on slightly higher resistance they won’t make a lot of noise. This means you can actually ride while watching television or listening to music.
  • Since the drive belt is smooth you won’t feel any stress in your knees as you pedal. The bike is really smooth on your joints and will make riding a relaxing experience.
  • The entire bike can be customized to suit your needs. The handlebars and saddle are quite adjustable so if you have shorter arms or think the handlebar is too close to your chest, you can always adjust it to suit your size.
  • The LCD of the bike comes with large display and you can know your resistance levels as you pedal. This promises a great workout session as you know the pace you are following and the calories you are burning loud and clear instead of trying to figure it out.


Overall a great deal if you want something sleek. The bike has come a long way from its traditional model. It has combined all the old features that worked for the model with the new ones to come up with a great bike that suits the new age bikers and meets all their demands. A perfect option at a slightly higher price.

Best Indoor Bike ($1000-$1500 Range)

Lifecore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer

Lifecore Fitness Assault Air Bike TrainerWhen you want the benefits of a traditional sturdy bike and something more modern and contemporary in its technology and design, go with Lifecore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer.

It brings you all the good from the traditional Air bike and provides you with the best features available in spin bikes today. From the coolest display to a tough model that has it all, this is your one-step solution to all your biking needs.

Pros of the Lifecore Trainer

  • Kickass LCD display is one of its best features. The LCD display in this one is not only about large buttons but within easy reach and access. It displays a variety of images and it’s easy to access all the on-board programs. The screen is much clearer than other options.
  • The bike is made of thick-gauge chro-moly steel which means it’s tough and durable. When you have 20 sealed cartridge bearings fixing the various part of the bike, you needn’t ask for more. This also helps in keeping your neck and body intact as you ride. You don’t have to worry about the bike wobbling as you ride.
  • And the best feature is the way it can be easily assembled. This is the one thing that makes the bike stand out from its counterparts. You will not be spending a lot of time putting this bike together. And this is because most of the bike comes preassembled and you only have to worry about the saddle, handlebars, etc.

That being said, the bike is not easy to move around which means, if you are looking for something more flexible to move around with you as you shift, this is not the option to take home. But if you are someone who wants something hard core for fitness and compatibility, this bike will not disappoint you at all.

Best Home Spin Bike ($500-$1000 Range)

Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike

Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise BikeSome bikes can be best described as simplicity at its best. This is what is beautiful about Sole Fitness SB 700. This is the bike you can take home and requires no rocket science to understand its functions.

This is what many feel is great about this model. The best part? 48 pound flywheel, which means, no matter how you adjust the resistance, the bike won’t make a crazy noise and make riding at high speed annoying.

Pros of the SB700 Bike

  • Because it is built for a lifetime, the bike comes with lifetime warranty. This makes it even more reliable a model. And then you have its body structure which is tough and sturdy that makes for a great option.
  • The wireless heart rate chest straps are another feature that makes the bike truly unique. This is what makes the bike commendable. This is a feature that is not easy to find in many bikes. And if you have a heart patient in the house, this is a great way to keep them fit.
  • The handlebars are adjustable and can be moved in any direction one wants. This is what makes this bike a great hit with people who find it difficult to reach the handlebars and adjust saddles in other options. This is possible with convenience.


The weight of the bike is often a problem. Though heavy weight means more resistance and stability but this can be a bit of an issue when you want to move the bike around in the house. So once you have it in one place it’s difficult to drag into another room or part of the house.


The concept of using this bike is simple. If you want something long lasting and are not planning to move it out of your house for years or months to come, this is a great option. But if you are always on the move and want something that can be carried around, this may not be a good choice.

Best Bike For The Money ($250-$500 Range)

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling BikeIt’s not just your ordinary sturdy bike but more than a machine. It’s your companion too. But what makes it so is even more interesting.

Pros of the Sunny Indoor Bike

  • Talk about resistance, Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling brings it to you with 40 pound flywheel. You ride smoother and it doesn’t wobble if you are riding at zero resistance. There are many ways to make the best of it if you know how to use the features right.
  • The bike is definitely heavy duty. It’s for those who want a complete work out session at home without hitting to the gym. It comes with great exercise modules and a heavy duty crank which makes the bike really smooth.
  • It’s not only tough but also doesn’t make those squeaky sounds when you are working out.
  • Adjusting a bike doesn’t get simpler. You can move the handle bars however you want and the transport wheels make maneuvering a really simple task. You can even adjust the seat front back and up and down.
  • With the ability to take up to 275 pounds, this is a great machine for people of all sizes. 20 inches wide and around 46 inches high, it’s comfortable to sit on. So if you want to shed those kilos, don’t worry there’s a machine to help you out.


Not always can you find the saddle a bit small and uncomfortable for some who are looking for a comfortable cushion seat. The bike is meant for those who are looking for something sturdy.


Overall, a great purchase. It’s tough and makes work out sessions much more smooth and tough at the same time with its great resistance. However, if the users want something plush and elegant, this may not the option they are looking for.

Best Indoor Cycle (Less Than $250)

Sunny SF-B1001 Indoor Cycling Bike

Sunny SF-B1001 Indoor Cycling BikeThere’s nothing like simple machines that make life easy. This is what makes Sunny SF-B1001 Indoor bike a great option. This is an extremely convenient bike that is sure to make life easy for you.

If you don’t want to get into the humdrum of those swanky options available in the markets these days, this will prove to be a really good option.

Pros of the Sunny SF-B1001

  • Some of the most striking features are the adjustable handlebars which are extremely comfortable to use and the assembly. The bike is a great option for people of different sizes. In fact, it’s a great option for shorter length people who find other available choices a little more complicated to use.
  • The next interesting thing about the bike is its resistance knob which is located just before the seat. So every time you want to adjust the settings, you can just adjust it even while exercising. Therefore, it doesn’t break the momentum of your workout and makes it really easy.
  • The chain system of the bike is commendable. So whether you want to watch TV while riding it or listen to music, you can do it conveniently as the bike hardly makes any noise.
  • Different parts of the bike come together with a really easy to understand manual unlike many other bikes which take hours and hours to assemble. You don’t need any rocket science to put this bike together and it will not disappoint you at any point.


The only problem is the structure of the bike which can take on only 220 pounds. This can be quite disappointing for some people who weigh more. Users may find it difficult in using this at times.


This is a great bike for those who love simplicity. No frills whatsoever. If you are looking for something more luxurious and elaborate, this may not be a great option. But for those looking for some serious workout session out there, it’s a great option.

Common Features of a Spin Bike

  1. LCD monitor: Most spin bikes come with LCD displays that give you everything from the heart rate to the miles covered, the calories burnt and the mode you are biking at. The best thing about these monitors is that some of these even display your resistance levels and tell you what program to work out on. They let you know the various levels you can try with your workout.
  2. Flywheel: This is the element that rotates when you pedal and this continues to spin and takes your momentum forward. When you have a heavy flywheel, it simply means that the spin will be smoother and the bike will feel more strong and solid. A light flywheel will not make the riding experience fun, instead it will make you more relaxed and bored as you ride. No effort will be needed.
  3. Adjustable handlebars: Spin bikes come with handlebars which are not just adjustable but make riding experience more comfortable. These bars can be moved not only up and down but also front and back, depending on the size and structure of the user. This works great for women who want some comfort as they hop on the bike.
  4. Belt Drive: Unlike in the past when chain drive models were really popular, these days, the best bikes are those that come with belt drives. Stationary bikes come with pedals which are attached to the flywheel with these belts or chains. So when you pedal, it’s the belt that rotates the flywheel. Belts have definitely become a more preferred option due to the simple reason that they are easier to maintain and are much smoother to use.
  5. Water bottle holders: To give spin bikes the look and feel of a real bike out on the streets, these models come with bottle holders that look really cool. At the same time, even when you are riding within your house, this helps in continuing your workout without any hiccups. The best way to probably enjoy a complete training workout at home.

Women in a group spinning class

Uses Of Indoor Cycles At Home

  1. Fitness: If for any reason you can’t go out for a run or dread going to the gym, this is an ideal companion. You do not have to think about those vigorous sessions at fitness clubs anymore as indoor bikes have it all for you. You just have to hop on to the machine and get going. Some of these bikes are so well equipped that all you require is a 40-minute cardio and if you do it consistently you are sure to lose many kilos within a month.
  2. Safe and sturdy: So the weather hasn’t been allowing you to treat the hills on your mountain bike? What’s there to worry about? You do not have to. The indoor bikes are here to help you with different resistance levels that make you feel exactly like you are up in the mountains. More so, if you have a heart ailment and still want to ride on and keep yourself healthy, the bikes come with heart rate sensors which keep a track of your pulse. This is a great way to make sure you are keeping fit and healthy safely.
  3. Multitasking: How often do we miss out a swimming session or a workout just because we don’t want to miss the latest episode of our favorite show? Well, the exercise sessions get better with indoor cycles. You can easily set these up in your living area and enjoy your favorite shows and ride on at the same time. The best part—the workout won’t stress you out at all!

Advantages of Spinning

spinning exercises

Busy lifestyles and work schedules have shifted all fitness programs indoors. From what was once just about running and getting fit by playing games, is now about working out in gyms and spa centers for rejuvenation. In times like these, spinning comes in handy.

And how. The cycling workout on a stationary bike is a great companion. No matter what the weather, you always have a bike to hop on to at home. With thousands of models available for spinning today, one can’t help but cash on its advantages. Here’s what makes spinning a great exercise.

  • Tailored Resistance: Today, you have bikes that come with magnetic resistance and those that are manual. This makes stationary cycling experience great. Spinning helps you in deciding how much effort you want to put into the work out and it can be tailored too.
  • Know your workout: It doesn’t get better than this. So basically you can check what you pace you are riding at, how much distance you’ve covered and more so, the calories lost. This is something spinning workouts give you in all machines. This is a great way to control your health.
  • All-weather friend: You do not have any reasons to say not to your exercise anymore. Spinning helps you maintain your overall body weight by just 40 minutes on the bike every day. This is what makes it a great concept. You do not have to worry about the weather outside or the traffic, just hop on your bike and get spinning.

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