If you are serious about your cycling then you must also think about your kitchen habits. The foods you eat and the way you cook them will have huge effects on the distances that you can cycle and the speed at which you can travel.  If the kitchen is not a place that you have spent much time then you will learn a lot from this list of essential items you will need in order to improve your fitness through better food preparation and equipment.

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The immersion blender is a perfect piece of equipment that all cyclist should have in their kitchen. It is basically a small handheld device that you use to create smoothies in the glass. All you do is simply put all your ingredients into the glass and mix it up with the immersion blender. You can use all kinds of food like broccoli cauliflower butternut squash whatever you want to put into the glass you then simply mix it up.

Steaming your vegetables is an excellent way to avoid adding oil. With a steamer you can simply attach it to the top of your pans and then put in your vegetables and even your fish.


One of the most essential pieces of equipment that you need in your kitchen is a good set of pans. Cookware is something that you cannot skimp on.   Make sure when you are buying your pots and pans that the surface of the pan is non-stick. There are many different options for non-stick pans including teflon, stainless steel and ceramic. If you are still unsure about what cookware to buy fence you should check out the best cookware reviews to see which set of pots and pans will be the best option for your budget.

If you are going on a long ride then you might want to take some food with you on the journey. Fruit is a fantastic source of energy and is a perfect snack to have on your cycle route. The Apple divider is a fantastic little device that is used to cut the car out of the apple and split the rest of the Apple up into small pieces that you can easily nibble on throughout your journey. The Apple divider is extremely cheap and highly recommended.

Did you know that grating cheese is proven to reduce the amount of cheese that you will play on a sandwich. Therefore as the next essential items for the kitchen we recommend that you get a cheese grater. Not only can you grate cheese you can also great other things like citrus Zest or chocolate.

If you don’t want to mess around with a big blender the why not buy a simple and health chopper. This little guy is simple for putting in your 5 A DAY fruit and veg and then simply shopping the whole lot up. This is a super simple way to get the perfect ingredients into the body.

And finally don’t forget to purchase a good pair of kitchen scissors. Make sure they are super sharp so that it is easy for you to remove things like the fat from a chicken, to trim vegetables, to cut pizza and to chop herbs.


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